1. Quality photo & design for flyer

The phrase “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” was coined way before the digital age. Considering the crazy amount of flyers we see on the internet and on the streets of major cities today, first glances of the visual promo for your show do matter.

Make sure you use clear quality photos that will entice fans to want to attend. Spending some extra dough on photo sessions to have a bunch of professional pictures goes a long way.

2. Create a Facebook Event

Tons of millennials and Gen-Z-ers use Facebook today purely for the Events calendar. The benefit of being able to see what events your peers are attending without personally asking them is an intrinsic value of the “anti-social” social-media age in which we currently live, so take advantage of it.

“Promotion is key, and there are plenty of online tools out there ready to assist. A central Facebook Event page is essential; anyone connected with the gig can post content and invite people” — Alex Kerr-Wilson, Music Promoter at Discovery Talent and owner of O-Mix

On Facebook, you can attach a ticket link to your Event page, allow guests to invite friends, and give permission for invitees to post on the Event wall about how excited they are to see your show. Facebook even reminds people on the RSVP list about these Events free of charge. It may be the easiest, most direct way to update Event potential guests about ticket sales, venue changes, or other important details your audience needs to know.

Lastly, if a lot of people RSVP, the Event may show up in Facebook’s “Popular Events in the Area” section, which is basically striking gold, as it’s free advertising and a way to accumulate even more organic RSVPs.

3. Invest in yourself

If you invest some cash into sponsored, unique, targeted ads for your show’s Facebook Event page, a flyer on Instagram, or even a tweet (or all three), chances are that people will become more familiar with your name, and, in turn, your music. Increasing visibility is a no-brainer and standard practice in advertising.

The engagement numbers you pull digitally will be essential in the future when selling yourself to a larger promoter who wants to make sure you have a vigilant and engaged internet follower base, so don’t be afraid to put some money behind your promotional tactics.

4. Take care of your audience

Sending personal invitations and rewarding those who attend your show goes a long way these days. As mentioned earlier, social media easily allows us to share Events with hundreds of people at a time, but simply inviting everyone in your area on Facebook can seem very impersonal, and these invites often get ignored — especially by those who live in major cities and get dozens each week.

You want prospective attendees to feel valued and appreciated. If you take the time to send personalized invitations to VIPs or offer free song downloads or stickers to those who buy a ticket or provide their email address, people will notice.

Consider doing a giveaway on social media, and/or simply saying thank you during and after your show to those who came out. This can help you not only drive more people to your show, but more importantly, help you develop lifelong fans.

5. Make Phone Calls to your contacts

Its very effective to make phone calls to tell and remind your contacts about your upcoming gig, this will make them feel very important. Now there is no excuse for them to give, some might claim they did not see your messages and post but they cant claim you did not call them.

Also give them a follow up call in about 2 days before the gig. This method have proven to be the very effective in converting ticket sales.

6. Onboard a partner

If you have a relationship with an event promoter in your city, a blog/publication, an alcohol company, or with anyone you consider an “influencer,” it would be foolish not to utilize that as a partnership resource for your show.

“Networking with fellow artists, promoters, and people involved in the industry is essential and will open doors to many new opportunities/gigs.” — Jack ScalesMotion Bristol

Teaming up with a notable organization, influencer, or a local business could help “legitimize” you as an artist, considering you’d have a stamp of approval from an authority people already trust. If it’s a company, the partner will likely appreciate the free advertising for putting their logo on your flyer, and they may even have an e-newsletter to blast out details about the show to their audience at no cost to you — win!

Partnering with others is a mutually beneficial step to getting both of your names out there as much as possible pre-show as long as that partner is representative of your values and needs as an artist and vice versa. Do some research, and see who’d be a good fit.

7. Shout out and tag everyone

Before your live show, saying thanks in advance to anybody isn’t just polite but can actually really help the turnout of your show. For example, if you’ll be using Funktion-One audio or even wear a gucci hat during the performance, tweet about it ahead of time to let your audience know, and tag the brand. You might get a reply out of it, or even a retweet, which not only will get you more free advertising but also helps you establish a relationship with a brand that you may end up partnering with later on — double win!

The same goes for other people playing in your band, the venue, lighting/visual companies, and anyone else associated with the show that you can think of. Support those who support you!

Also use some key hashtags when posting like #RBEMusicShowcase #MusicHourUK #LondonGigs #London #GigsToAttend etc

Count down to the Halloween edition of our RBE music showcase series holding on Friday 3rd November 2017 @ Surya live music venue London.

Its gona spooky
The Scariest gig you will ever attend!! astonishing live music from the some of the most aspiring artist in London.
Line up: Alora // Anusha Loves // Kojay // Scarhop // Lewis LJ King // Mura // Rudebone // Steamz // Boasy Solgy // Nubian // Zims // Avinco//DJ Gaba // Sheezy // Merkz // KingKaz // Rico UK // MartySoWavey // Duane Flames // Wajuda // Geo Wellington // Lon’Den // Lil Zee
DRESS CODE: Halloween Costume, mask, etc
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The 4th consecutive episode of RBE Music Showcase was indeed a big hit. This time everything went according to plan except for some surprises like Jasmine the opening, Frizz birthday song and an astonishing stage take over by Steams, Black Rose and crew Oh Yea!!

Line up: Sarah Bird // Tracer // Kojay // Frizz // Black Rose // Steamz // Fend // Simmz// Anusha // Alya // Rudebone // Wetzy  // Duane Flames// K Matharoo

Guest act also included Reis Boogie and Pow the artist. Co-Hosts were Mc Vaz of Nam Radio and Anusha. Dj Gaba was on the wheels ensuring the smooth flow of music.

Another cool fact to mention is the venue, it is a boutique at day and transforms to a bar an music venue at night.

Video Credits to Ringo Vision and Antwon. Enjoy some cool pictures taken at the gig by Adrian Boltar. More Pictures on our Facebook


The second edition of the RBE music showcase lived up to expectation indeed, it was held at Zigfrid Von Underbelly, London.

Live Music like never before and a mix of different genre of music ensured the audience had double their monies worth. Thanks to Nam Radio and Fm1fm Radio for supporting the gig.

The line up included: Viv De Queen, Alex and Tara Mari, Duane Flames, Erica Gens, Anita Luki, Anusha Loves, Luci Monet, Roni, Rudebone, Adriana Blue and Tracer.

Luci Monet received the RBE Certificate of excellence award.

See a cross section of pictures taken at the event. Photo Credit: Ellen Alberti


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The maiden edition of the RBE Music Showcase was indeed a success and a formidable opportunity for some musicians to showcase their music at intimate London venues to real music supporters, fans and industry personnel. The gig started with the timely arrival of the gorgeous attendees, then kicked off with the opening performance by kika Terremoto, followed by Matteo Ranieri who wowed the audience with his vocal abilities. Next up was Erica Gens, she also was breath taking with her vocal presence. Tsharna then stole the heart of the audience with a sensational performance, singing her original songs backed up by her guitarist and Cajon player. DJ chillz stepped in and gave the attendees some club vibes by mixing some trending tunes before Romel joined her to dish out his Afrobeat tunes.

Find below Amazing Pictures of the RBE Music Showcase taken by Sheila Akposubi (Capture 1 photography)

Anusha who received the Certificate of Excellence award on the night was also fascinating with Dillon her handsome pianist, indeed the audience was overwhelmed by her performance. Rudebone came in and raised the energy bar to a whole new levels with his Afro-Dancehall tunes that got the crowd singing along. Federico Villaruel seized the opportunity to premier his latest single mad and some other sweet tunes. Anita Luki was another notable highlight of the gig, her fans were screaming to the roof top before she even started singing, she ended her set with a cover of Rihanna’s shine bright like a diamond, Anita was truly a diamond. The blue hair damsel Frankie Day supported by Jacob for a duet also added colour to the event with a world class display of musical abilities and stage craft. Final act on the night was Titan who indeed lived up to expectation with his rapping skills. Dj gaba rounded up the gig by setting the dance floor on fire, this kept some people behind not wanting to depart. A big shout out to the media supporters of the RBE Music Showcase : Bdex Entertainment, Fm1fm Radio, Nam Radio and Capital 1 photography.

Next RBE Music Showcase event is on the 29th of April @ Underbelly, London CLICK HERE for info & Tickets

To apply to participate or sponsor, email us: events@rbent.co.uk