Throwback to our first RBE music showcase line up
Throwback to our first RBE music showcase line up

Throwback to our first RBE music showcase line up

Introducing our series of Music Showcase gigs in London.

Kicking off on the 1st of April 2017 at Surya Live Music Venue featuring the following acts.

Frankie Day:

The 19 year-old, known for her bright blue hair, bubbly personality and love of all things Disney; Frankie has built a large online following of over 40,000 across social media. She is now devoting her time to creating her own music and utilising her unique voice to develop her own style.

Frankie Day Music showcase Flyer ACts


Matteo Ranieri:

Matteo Ranieri is a volunerble and creative Artist “I dont like to identify myself in a genre, i am the genre i feel in the moment i write a new song’ he says.

Matteo Ranieri Music showcase Flyer ACts


Anusha Loves:

Intellectual Welsh born Anusha, is a Singer/ Songwriter as well as Actor and Presenter based in the UK. It was whilst studying for her Politics Degree that the half Mauritian, half Sri Lankan beauty, met producer’Chris Rockizm Patrick’, who introduced her to theworld of music.
Anusha enjoyed the success of the release of two RnB/pop singles in 2009/2010 both charting in the Music Week charts and ‘Are You Ready’ spent 10 Weeks in the MTV base top 10. Anusha toured the UK giving support to numerous acts,
including Shayne.

Anusha Loves Music showcase Flyer Acts


Kika Terremoto Dj:

Kika Terremoto, has been one of the worlds most undisputed electronic dance music musicians and a queen of the turntables for years and was the very first woman DJ in Sardegna (Italy)! Kika has infiltrated the music industry with her arsenal of talent. She has established herself as a versitile, singer, songwriter, model, and DJ, aswell as being signed to multiple labels around the globe.

Kika Music showcase Flyer ACts



Rudebone is a Dancehall / Afrobeat music artist currently living in United Kingdom. He is very energetic when performing onstage, He ensures his audience gets fully entertained. Also he is very creative and full of ideas. He can easily compose a song to any giving situation and has great acting ability. Rudebone has different signature dance moves he created. He Strives to create a reputable brand presence for Himself and people/ team associated with him.

Rudebone Music showcase Flyer ACts


Erica Gens:

I’m a 20 years old girl, origially from Italy. I came to London to follow my passion for music and turn it into a jull time job. I’m a singer and song writer, i’ve been working in a studio in central London where i wrote and recorded my original songs and an EP. My style is pop as I’m a very bubbly person, very sociable and friendly. I am always up for new challenges and projects.

ERICA Music showcase Flyer ACts


Federico Villaruel:

An energetic and enthusiastic personality with a constant desire to live life entirely. His first electronic project “Never Be The Same” is an uptempo self produced album regarding his life, his feelings, love, sadness, sense of freedom, revolution.

Federico Music showcase Flyer ACts


Anita Luki:

I’m a singer songwriter based in London. Having played piano since a young age my songs are quite piano driven with slightly darker / ambient feel to it. Also being from a south Asian background, i like to subtly bring those influences in the vocals, giving my songs a bit of twist.

Anita Music showcase Flyer ACts


Romel Koko:

Romel Koko is an Actor, Model and Musician based in London, United Kingdom

Romel Music showcase Flyer ACts

DJ Chillz:

Driven by relentless and unstoppable passion for music, London-based DJ Chillz is an emerging talent who brings a wealth of experience to any club, mixing her own distinct individual sound


Tsharna Music showcase Flyer ACts

Titan Temi:

I have been rapping and writing music for about 7 years, so i find myself to be experienced and enjoy doing it.
I am very outgoing, positive and realistic. I don’t think i have a style of music because i can rap about anything from trash to ghetto or about life in general. i have done rap on Jazz, Hiphop , Afrobeats and more to come.

Temi Music showcase Flyer ACts

RBE Music showcase Flyer

Next Stop is The Underbelly, London.

More info coming soon….

Any genre of music is acceptable Solo, Group or Band.

To apply email song or video links and social links to

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