Music Showcase

Music Showcase

Introducing our series of Music Showcase gigs in London.

A showcase gig, or just a showcase, is an introduction to an audience for a new act. It also sometimes serves as an opportunity for an established act or band to present new material.

Showcase gigs (also called showcase concerts or music showcase) sometimes represent great opportunities for you to get your music in front of people who can help you get ahead in the industry.

See sponsorship menu bellow

Sponsorship Menu:

  • Logo placement on flyer & Promo materials    £50 per Event

Your company’s logo would placed on all our event flyers both physical and digital copies. Your logo will also be displayed on our video adverts and all promo materials of the particular music showcase.

  • Banner Display at event      £50 per Event

Your company banner would be placed in the venue visible to all attendees.

  • Logo Display on stage Projector      £50 Per Event

Your company logo would be placed on our back drop stage projector visible to all attendees.

  • Logo display on Post Event Photos & Videos      £50 Per Event

Your company logo will be placed on post event photos and videos which will be sent so all attendees, over 4000 people on our mailing list and posted on all our social media platforms.

  • Advert Placement on Brochure       £100 Projector per issue

Your company / Product advert or artwork placed on page off our periodic RBE Music Showcase brochure which is distributed free far and wide.

  • Artist Lead generation       £100 Per Event

We have over 150 emerging and known music artist in London and around that apply for each music showcase, we would make it a compulsory criteria for all applicant to sign up, subscribe or download your company app.

  • Attendees Lead generation         £100 Per Event

An average of 200 people attend each of our music showcase events. We would offer all attendees the opportunity to download your companies app and Subscribe or sing up to your companies news letter and website. We would also take permission from our attendees to pass on their contact info to our partners that might be relevant to them. Logo display is also included in this offer.

  • In Event talk & marketing                  £200  Per Event

A representative of your company would be given the opportunity to talk on stage to our attendees for 10 mins. Here-by giving the audience more insight of your company and products . Also your talk at the event would be showed to all our followers across our social platforms after the event. This offer will also include banner display at the venue.

All Sponsors / partners will be giving an affiliate ticket sales link to make money off event tickets on a favorable percentage (Optional). 


To become one of our media partners or sponsors email events@rbent.co.uk

Check out more pictures of our past events.





To become one of our media partners or sponsors email events@rbent.co.uk

To apply email song or video links and social links to  events@rbent.co.uk



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